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Download the EZEJUMP App

You can download EZEJUMP on the App Store for free. Open the App Store on your iPad and search for “EZEJUMP”. Once found, download the EZEJUMP app to your device. 

Alternatively, you can find the app here:

Be sure to keep the app and iPhone or iPad updated on your device at all times.

Connecting to EZEJUMP

The EZEJUMP connects to your mobile device or tablet via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) only.

The entire connection process is carried out within the EZEJUMP application – you do not need to navigate to your device Bluetooth Settings in order to connect at all.

  1. Open the EZEJUMP app on your device.

  2. Make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your device.

  3. Turn on your EZEJUMP by pressing or stepping on the device. You will see a blue light flashing on your EZEJUMP to indicate it is now available to connect.

  4. Once the EZEJUMP app on your device detects the EZEJUMP hardware, you will be prompted to connect to the device as per the below screenshot. Select the EZEJUMP serial number shown on screen to connect.


  1. Before first use, please remove protective film.

  2. Charge the EZEJUMP Mat

  3. Run the EZEJUMP App on your Apple or Android device

  4. Turn on the EZEJUMP Mat by tapping one of the switching zones

  5. Check the battery status on the mobile App to ensure that you can run the jump test with the current battery capacity

  6. Select the athlete you want to test

  7. Select the test you want to run on the App

  8. Exercise the jumps, corresponding to the test

  9. When you have finished the jump test, turn the Mat off via the EZEJUMP menu found in the top right corner of your app


Connect the supplied wall socket charger with the wireless charging pad and place the pad onto the EZEJUMP Mat as shown. The Charging Indicator turns red while charging and turns off when the battery is fully charged. It takes 1.5 to 2 hours for a flat battery to be fully charged. If the EZEJUMP is fully charged, the Charging Indicator will not turn on at all.


The EZEJUMP Mat can be stored flat on the ground, upright, or in the EZEJUMP carry case. Whenever it’s NOT stored in the carry case, please make sure, that neither of the mat’s contact zones are activated to avoid excessive battery discharge.

Having Problems?

Please visit our support page on www.swiftperformance.com/support

for online help.

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