EzeJump not turning on?

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This article will help you trouble shoot an Ezejump that is not turning on.

If your jump mat is not turning on, one of the following will be the issue. 

  • Battery is flat
    • If the battery is flat the Ezejump will never turn on.
    • Check you charger is working
      • Ensure you are using the Swift Supplied EzeJump charger. Not all wireless chargers are not the same. Some may work, but we cannot guarantee that.
      • When not sitting on the Ezejump, in the position indicated on the label you will see a Green light on the charger
      • When placed on the EzeJump (make sure its not upside down) the light will go BLUE. At this point the REDcharging led should light on the EzeJump, which indicates charging is taking place 
        • Note: If the battery is fully charged, the Red light will extinguish, but the charger LED will remain BLUE 
      • NOTE: You cannot know the % charge in the battery if the EzeJump is not connected to the app
  • Ezejump top plate has damage
    • The EzeJump electronics, when the matt is 'off' are actually in a deep sleep mode
    • The Electronics are waiting for a mat switching event so it can turn on
    • The switching elements in the EzeJump are separated by only 1mm (less than 1/16") . Given this close tolerance, the tiniest dent in the top plate will cause contact between the switching elements
    • When this occurs, stepping on the EZEJUMP never creates a switch closure, and so, the EzeJump will NEVER turn on
    • We suggest you have a very close look at the top surface, and the corners of the EzeJump for any damage
  • Electronics are malfunctioning
    • In the rare case the issues above a ruled out, the only thing left to blame is the electronics
    • If under warranty we will provide a free exchange PCB kit with battery and the required tools to change this part
    • If not under warranty, you will need to order SKU #I-570

Of course, if you require personal service, please lodge a Support Ticket.


The Swift Team

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