How to connect Gates to WI-FI network

Modified on Wed, 24 May 2023 at 04:45 PM

How to connect iPad to WIFI network. Use this for high-volume WI-FI areas. 

Follow these steps:

Sync Syncro

(Note, in this process, you will lose internet access while you have this setting)

  1. Make sure Syncro is synced
    1. Go to Athletes and pull down the list of Athletes
    2. Go to Run Test, click the Beaker icon in the top right
      1. Pulldown the list to sync tests
  2. Make sure gates are turned off
  3. Connect your iPad to the facility WIFI


  1. Go to Syncro Settings -> Enable "Allow Third Party Wifi Connection" 
  2. Click the WIFI icon in black
    1. Select the WIFI on your iPad next to the input on "System SSID"
    2. Enter the WIFI password in the "System password" field

iPad Settings

  1. Go to Wi-Fi -> Select your connected Wi-Fi ->Configure IP
  2. Switch from Automatic to Manual
  3. Enter these settings
    1. IP Address:
    2. Subnet Mask:
    3. Router: Leave blank
    4. Important: Press "Save" in the top right of the screen

Connect Gates

  1. Go back to the Syncro app and select a test and connect your gates
  2. You will now see a message when the gates try to connect to the wifi: ""Syncro" would like to find and connect to devices on your local network"" -> Click "Allow"
  3. Press "Continue"


If you have problems:

  1. Make sure you press Save after setting up the manual connection
  2. Make sure you have a password set in the settings of Syncro
  3. Make sure you have synced the iPad to your account before you start these steps

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