Getting Started

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Getting started with your Swift timing system (dual beam and single beam systems)

Powering on and connecting your system

After setting up your tripods, to setup your system,  place your gates in the same vicinity (within a few feet of each other and the iPad). 

Hold the button on the front of the gates, you will hear a *beep*, release the button and the gate strobe will turn green, and then flash white.

The system is now ready for you to connect to it using the the Syncro App.

On your iPad, under 'Run Test' select a test you wish to run. The Syncro App will now find the gates and request to join the gates as a Wifi Network. 

Only select a test compatible with your system, if not you wont be able to connect.

While gates are connecting the strobes will turn orange.

Select 'Join Network', syncro will then assign the gates colours and they will 'breathe'.

Once connected you can follow on screen instructions and begin gate Alignment.

Gate colours as seen in the syncro setup page represent the same colours of the gates in the field.

Aligning your system

Need help setting up Tripods?

Once connected to Syncro, the App will instruct you to align your gates.

Aligning your gates means to place the reflector and gate opposite one another and align the laser dot emitting from the gate to the target in the middle of the reflector face.

Unaligned gates will flash their respective colour, the corresponding gate within the app will also flash.

When the gate is moved into the correct alignment with the reflector it will beep once and the strobe will turn solid.

After 5 seconds of being in this position the gate strobe and laser will turn off, and the gate strobe will pulse every 10 seconds or so, this indicated the gate is aligned and ready for you to run a test.

If the gate falls out of alignment between setup and test run, the App will not allow you to run the test and indicate what gate you need to realign. 

Optimal Gate alignment for an athlete

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